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Gabion Sack

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Gabion sacks used for urgent works on liquidation of accidents on the rivers

Gabion sack is specifications cylindrical gabions, the construction of prefabricated double twisting mesh diameter 0.65 or 0.95 meters and a length of 2 to 4 meters . Gabion sack designs are in the form of cylinders with tied ends. To enhance the gabion sack, wire edges of panels has a larger diameter than the main wire mesh. Thanks to the use in the manufacture of cylindrical mesh gabions dual torsion structure resistant to deformation of individual cells, including breaks (not spreading at break of single cells and easy to repair).

Sack gabions filled with stones are used in river control and various emergency works. Sack gabions are supplied with steel reinforcing wires inserted during the manufacturing process to facilitate closing during installation.

L - length of the gabion sack; D - diameter of the gabion sack

Figure - The design concept of gabion sack

Gabion Sacks specifications:
Selvedge wire: 3.4mm diameter
Aperture of 80x100mm
wire diameter: 2.7mm

Dimensions of gabion sack Table 1

Length (m)

Diameter (m)

Volume (m3)














Wire mesh used to gabion sack, made of thick steel wire galvanized or coated wire . In the case where the cylindrical gabions are used in hostile environments, wire their manufacture is the process of galvanizing (or galfan) And then additionally coated sheath of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC coating wire and provides greater stability to chemical, mechanical and corrosion damage.

Wire of gabion sack:
1. Tensile strength at break: wire to produce a grid with change for binding gabion among themselves, have a temporary tensile strength of 35-50 kg / mm2
2. Elongation: before the production of the grid must be satisfied the test on a sample of the wire length of 25 cm mini- anomalous elongation - 10%.
3. The strength of the zinc coating: coating must be durable and withstand at least 5 turns on when coiling cylindrical rod with a diameter equal to 3 m diameter wire, and it should not crack and break up a degree that can be removed with the fingers.

Gabion sacks are filled with crushed stone ,and the stone is the most common granite sandstone. Use the stone fraction 70-150 mm, 70-280 mm and 80-300 mm. Gabion sacks are used for urgent works on liquidation of accidents on the rivers, at the base of bank stabilization in the presence of high water or a large depth of the required capacity. Gabion sacks are also used to build the foundations of dams in the presence of a high wave and ice loads. Gabion sacks are also used for training grounds in waters if you can not pump water . May be laid directly in the mud or on rough bottom topography.