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Reno Mattress

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Reno mattress used to protect the walls of channels and retaining walls on slopes

Reno mattresses are made of metal mesh double twisting (wire thickness 2.7 mm), with hexagonal cells. To enhance the frame mattress, the diameter of the edges wire is 3.4 mm. Such a design can always loads up to 5000 kg / ㎡. Provides protection against corrosion zinc galfan the polymer. The name mattress were due to the small ratio of height to length and width. With its low height Reno mattresses have a large coverage area. They, as well as box gabions, the diaphragms are divided into sections with an interval of 1 m in length. Cell size is 8x10 and 6x8 cm depending on the purpose of gabion. Reno mattresses are filled with stones, forming a monolithic structure.

Wire mesh used for mattresses reno, made of galvanized steel wire or solid wire coated galfan. In the case when the reno mattresses used in hostile environments, the wire for the manufacture of the process of galvanizing (or coating galfan), and then further coated shell of PVC. PVC coating protects the wire and provides greater resistance to chemical, mechanical and corrosion damage.

B - width of the mattress; L - length of the mattress, H - height of the mattress, 1 - cover
Figure - The design concept of mattress

Here are gabion mattress technology data.

Type: gabion and gabion mattress.
Surface treatment:
Hot-dipped galvanized.
Electro galvanized.
Hot-dipped galvanized then PVC-coated.
Electro galvanized then PVC-coated.
Material: Low carbon steel.
Using:Gabions and mattresseswill revegetate overtime as the structure collects soil and the airborne or waterborne seeds of locally occurring plant life.
Basic Reno mattress size:
6 meters. x 2 meter. x 0.17 meter.
6 meters. x 0.23 meter. x 2 meter.
6 meters. x 2 meter. x 0.30 meter.
2 meter. x 1 meter. x 0.30 meter.

4m (length) x 2m (width) x 0,30m (height)
4m (length) x 2m (width) x 0,23m (height)
3m (length) x 2m (width) x 0,30m (height)
3m (length) x 2m (width) x 0,23m (height)
2m (length) x 1m (width) x 0,30m (height)
2m (length) x 1m (width) x 0,23m (height)

Hot products:

Reno mattresses (7m × 2m × 0.4m) using hexagonal woven double twisted type 60 mesh with 2.5mm mesh wire and 2.8mm selvedge wire galvanized and coated with extruded 0.5mm grey PVC layer, it can be used in salt water.

Reno mattresses mesh: 60 × 80 mm, double twist
Wire diameter: Mesh wire 2.2 mm
Selvedge wire 2.7 mm
Wire: low carbon wire, hot dipped galvanized
Zinc mass: > 215 g/m²
Tensile strength: > 370 N/mm
Diaphragm: every meter, connected with lacing wire

Mattress benefits:
Flexibility and resilience
Robustness and security of the metal structure
Certainty of coating thickness
Long durability of materials
Cost effective, rapid and safe installation
fixed roughness
Modular design and complementarity
Permeability and groundwater exchange
Inserting optimal environmental

Reno mattresses are usually used to protect the walls of channels, retaining walls on slopes, landscape construction, protect the pipelines, regulation of river channels, strengthening of the banks, soil stabilization, flood protection.

Reno mattresses are widely used in hydraulic engineering. They are used for river and sea shore protection. Since Reno mattresses have good hydraulic characteristics, they laid the shore and the bottom of rivers, canals and dams veneer. To protect against erosion, sea shores and bottom of the grid used mattresses with PVC coating in conjunction with geotextile.

Experience of application showed that the construction of Reno mattresses are more economical than traditional hard or semi rigid construction: savings in the use of gabions from 10 to 50% per linear meter, and they require much less maintenance costs and repairs.

Assembly and installation:
When installing the gabion structures, with the front side it is recommended to establish a rigid casing for rigid fixation of the stone.
When filling the gabion stones, their minimum dimensions shall be not less than the diameter of the cell (usually 8 x 10 cm), but not exceeding 25 cm in diameter. The stones are selected from the conditions of strength and hardiness.
The density of the stone shall not be less than 1700 kg / m³.
All gabions in the design should be linked to all the mating faces of strapping wire.
Reno mattresses provide an effective and unique solutions in terms of design and cost. History of gabion structures is from 4000 BC, but were manufactured commercially in 1880 using a grid of double torsion. Double torsion wire, can effectively resist bursting.