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Terramesh System

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Terramesh system for strengthening slopes

Terramesh system is gabion structures consisting of the front of the reinforcing bar and mesh. They are made of double twisting mesh with hexagonal cells. The front face is divided into sections by means of orifice plates in increments of 1 m. The reinforcing bar is placed in the body slept embankment.

Terramesh system used for reinforcement and strengthening of the slopes. Under the influence of the load most of the soils exposed to displacement and disruption of internal structure, and the use Terramesh can reliably reinforce and strengthen those grounds, thus increasing the strength and stability of slopes and arrays. In forming the design modules of the system are Terramesh layers horizontally. Step reinforcement project must meet.

B - width of the box and the reinforcing bar; L - length of reinforcing bar;
H - height of the box, 1 - reinforcing bar
Figure- The design concept of box-shaped gabion with a reinforcing plate
Systems eliminate the need Terramesh construction of gravity walls, reduces the amount of excavation in the strengthening of embankments and slopes.

Terramesh system - a modular system is an environmental soil reinforcement is used to mount the unstable ground instead of arrays, gravity walls, fixing the slopes of embankments and slopes. In the formation of structural units of the system are Terramesh horizontal layers. Step reinforcement determined in accordance with the project to ensure the sustainability of an array of ground.
Wire mesh used to Terramesh systems, made of galvanized steel wire or solid wire coated galfan After the process of galvanizing wire covered with an additional cover made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC coating protects the wire and provides greater resistance to chemical, mechanical and corrosion damage.